Street artist angry: Banksy calls for shoplifting

The street artist got angry

Banksy promotes shoplifting

Mysterious street artist Banksy is outraged by the actions of fashion house Guess. Because society exploits his motives, he invites shoplifting.


Street artist Banky is letting his frustrations flow on Instagram – with a challenge to shoplifters. They should visit the store of the fashion house Guess.

Mysterious street artist Banksy appears to have indirectly incited his fans to shoplift out of anger over the use of one of his designs. The Briton posted a photo on his Instagram account on Friday, which he says shows the window of a fashion chain in London. There, Banksy’s famous “Flower Thrower” motif – a masked man about to throw a bouquet of flowers – can be seen behind some of the clothing. The window reads: “Guess x Brandalised with graffiti by Banksy.”

Banksy wrote: “Beware of pickpockets, please go to Guess on Regent Street. They used my art without asking. How can it be wrong to do the same to her clothes?” More than 900,000 users had tagged the post by Friday evening.

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