Stepchildren kidnapped by ARD presenter Gerhard Delling and Christina Block


Christina Block and Gerhard Delling have been together since 2021. They were both previously married to other partners.

Millionaire heiress Christina Block (49) claims that she has not been in contact with her three youngest children Theodore (8), Klára (12) and Johanna (16) for 14 months. Block is the partner of former “Sportschau” presenter “ARD” Gerhard Delling, 63. Before the couple fell in love in 2021, Block was married to banker Stephan Hensel.

She now lives in Denmark and is said to be raising three of their four children there. Against the will of the mother and despite the judgments of the German justice system, which forces him to hand over the children. However, they were not enforced in Denmark. Hensel and Block share custody of their offspring, but the mother has the right to determine where they will live.

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