Steffen König wants to drink Jenny Frankhauser’s breast milk


An intimate revelation‘Better than a protein shake’ – Jenny Frankhauser’s partner wants to drink her breast milk

Daniela Katzenberger’s half-sister and her boyfriend became parents a few weeks ago. Now the beauty will surprise her loved one with a statement about breast milk.

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Jenny Frankhauser (30) and Steffen König (31) want to try the reality TV personality’s breast milk.


The two revealed this on their show

The two revealed it on their show “Jenny & Steffen im Babyglück”.


They only became parents for the first time in September.

They only became parents for the first time in September.


It’s about it

  • The reality show “Jenny & Steffen im Babyglück” is currently showing on TLC.

  • In it, Jenny Frankhauser (30) and Steffen König (31) provide insights into their lives with their offspring.

  • At the outset, the couple revealed that they both want to try the breast milk of the neo-mom.

Jenny Frankhauser emerged from the shadow of her famous half-sister Daniela Katzenberger (36) for a long time and became a well-known face in the German media environment. So much so that the TLC television station accompanied the 30-year-old and her partner Steffen König in recent months and filmed the reality series “Jenny & Steffen im Babyglück”. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, a baby photo shoot, a gender reveal party, or the birth itself, her fans will see it all.

And right from the start, the couple surprises in a blunt way: During a well-deserved lunch, Jenny touches her breast in surprise because she can feel the moisture, and jokes: “Ah, is the milk coming in yet?” Then Steffen pricks up his ears and says, “Let me know when there’s milk!” Immediately afterward, he provides an explanation: “I read on a bodybuilding website that it’s better than a protein shake.”

How much truth there is in the 31-year-old’s statement remains unclear for now. But the couple decides on one thing: they both want to at least try mother’s milk. “I’m very curious,” Jenny finally said.

An on-off relationship and the crowning of love

Jenny and Steffen’s love took several tries. The two have known each other for many years. It didn’t really spark until 2019, when the TV personality had already given up hope for a partner for life. A few months later, however, a surprising love came. In mid-2020, the two accidentally bumped into each other again, and feelings rekindled. In April 2022, the couple finally announced that they were expecting.

On September 29, 2022, her boy saw the light of day. His name is Damian Andreas, as Jenny Frankhauser announced on May 17 in an Instagram story. That was the crown of love between the two. With the birth, Frankhauser’s heart’s desire came true: “The pregnancy has been planned for some time and it is an absolute dream child. We are both so happy that it worked out now and we are looking forward to our miracle,” she said in an interview with “Gala”.

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