Steff Jerkel has to take criticism after breaking up with Peggy Jerofke

“One Day You’ll Regret It”

TV expat Steff Jerkel has to accept criticism after the breakup

Steff Jerkel and Peggy Jerofke announced their split last week. The TV emigrant has now given words of thanks to his former partner – not everyone is happy with them.


TV emigrants Steff Jerkel and Peggy Jerofke are no longer a couple.

After a quarter of a century, everything is over between Steff Jerkel (53) and Peggy Jerofke (46): On Friday, the couple announced their separation. In an emotional post on Instagram, he is now thanking his former partner. But his contribution is not well received by everyone.

Underneath a video with several photos of family and couples, the “Goodbye to Germany” star dedicates her ex touching words: “Thank you for everything you gave me, taught me and gave up for me. We spent 25 years together. Who can do that today? We’ve had such a crazy life together.” Jerofke has always been a calming influence and a balance. “It’s going to be so hard without you,” he points out.

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