Stefanie Heinzmann cancels her tour: demand for tickets is heavy

“Demand for tickets is too hesitant”

Stefanie Heinzmann has to cancel her tour

She smiles, but Stefanie Heinzmann must have had a hard time bearing these words for her fans. The Swiss must cancel her entire winter tour next year. The promoter cites the reason for “hesitant demand for tickets”.


Stefanie Heinzmann has bad news for her fans.


Berit-Silja GründlersEditor People

Stefanie Heinzmann (33) is known for her powerful live performances. The Swiss musician likes to play with her band in front of an audience. Now Heinzmann has to cancel numerous concerts in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

The Valais woman addresses her fans on her Instagram account: “We have to face the facts. Unfortunately I have to cancel the January and February tour. I completely understand that in the current situation it is difficult to buy tickets for concerts that take place so far away.’

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