SRF studies are mocked – 20 minutes


Swiss TV‘Broomstick wardrobe look’ – viewers scoff at SRF’s expensive new studio

“Tagesschau” and “10 vor 10” have a new studio from Monday. Not everyone likes it. It looks “second hand stolen from a local station,” it says, among other things.

SRF’s new studio is being mocked on Twitter.


On Monday “Tagesschau” and “9:50” broadcasting from the new SRF studios. They probably won’t be met with great enthusiasm by the audience. The user wrote on Twitter: “Just redo the studio and we’ll forget about today’s embarrassing slip up in the broom closet look.” He really felt sorry for the moderator.

Another user also finds the new studios “ridiculous” and another calls it an “expensive flop”. The studio looks like it was stolen secondhand from a local station.

The moderation screen on the table attracts a lot of attention. The user comments with humor: “Well… the silver console with the gray computer mouse and plastic stilts is definitely a very expensive collectible from the background of the starship Enterprise.” Others wonder if it wasn’t enough for a wireless screen in an expensive studio. The new newsroom, which also includes a new studio, is said to have cost 70 million francs.

“With the design of the new studios, SRF wants to create even greater authenticity and closeness. We deliberately avoided different shapes and overloaded design elements, » states SRF on its media portal.

Criticism also comes from politics. Center president Gerhard Pfister writes on Twitter that the “Tagesschau” praises the new studio and “the huge additional costs are mentioned only marginally, without specific figures”. SRF lacks competition. “No normal society today can afford this GDR communication,” was Pfister’s crushing verdict.

In an interview with Project manager Remo Vogt tells “From Monday we will be producing in a completely new environment. We have a studio that is heavily automated with robotic cameras. All processes are pre-programmed and can be replayed automatically.» It therefore requires less staff. The new look should also make the programs feel “newsy”. “Tagesschau” and “10 vor 10″ are broadcast from the same studio. But they still look different because of the difference in the presenter’s position and camera angles.”

The request for 20 minutes on SRF is still pending.

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