SRF: Big mockery for new studios

«Ridiculous», «second hand, «looks like a broom closet»

Ridicule and malice for the new SRF studios

SRF broadcast from its new studios for the first time on Monday evening. These are not well received by some viewers – Swiss television takes it in stride.


The new SRF studios failed with viewers.


Sarina BosshardováEditor People

“Tagesschau” and “10 vor 10” have a new look from Monday evening. There is now a screen in the background, the previously rectangular desk has been replaced by a round one. But not everyone is enthusiastic about the new SRF studios. There was criticism on Twitter.

A user boasts: “I thought with this aluminum piece and a PC mouse next to it that SRF wasn’t done with the conversion yet and that it was a temporary studio! Sorry, but I find it really ugly! Check out what the neighbors are doing because it should be a little more classy!” Another suggests: “Just remodel the studio and modernize and we’ll forget about today’s embarrassing broom closet look. I really felt sorry for the host!” Also used are expressions like ” ridiculous’ or ‘second hand’.

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