Spokesman of the Ukrainian army in an interview for Blick – Blick

The spokesperson of the Ukrainian army contradicts Zelensky in an interview for Blick

“It cannot be ruled out that it is a Ukrainian missile”

Russia fired more than 100 missiles at Ukraine on Tuesday. Now a spokesman for the Air Force of the Ukrainian Army explains what is behind it.


Yuriy Ignat, spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force.

Olga Petriv, Sven Ziegler

Never before have so many rockets fallen on Ukraine in one day as on Tuesday. Already in the early hours of the morning, sirens are wailing all over the country and shelling is practically non-stop. Renewed rocket attacks are hitting the whole of Ukraine hard, and energy infrastructure is damaged in many places. In the evening, the lights go out in many places. Half of the population of Kyiv is without electricity, in Lviv it is around 80 percent.

“A total of 96 rockets, two cruise missiles and ten Iranian Shahed drones were fired at us,” Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat said in an interview with Blick. “Furthermore, cities on the eastern front have again come under further attack and artillery fire. This shows again: We are in the middle of a war, it is the result of a Russian war of aggression.”

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