Spectacular turnaround – the Superliga again eliminates the playoffs

The new Scottish model in Swiss football has nothing to do with kilts.Image: sports photography service imago

Half a year after the decision to introduce playoffs in the Super League, it is being canceled again. Instead, the 20 teams in the Swiss football league want to find champions based on the Scottish model.

11/11/2022, 12:09 p.m11/11/2022, 1:11 p.m

The Swiss Football League decided on a revolution in May. By a vote of 16:4, the clubs decided that in the future the winner will be decided only in the playoff final and that the teams in 3rd to 10th place in the playoff will determine the other participants in the European Cup among themselves.

One of the four losers in particular did not want to take the decision lightly: Ancillo Canepa. The president of FC Zürich asked for a reconsideration of the regime change.

Also a win for fan curves

And so the vote was taken again today in Bern. Meanwhile, many counterparts seemed to take a closer look at playoff mode. And they heard the voices of their supporters, the vast majority of whom fought passionately against the change. The “No play-offs in Swiss football” alliance is therefore celebrating the decision by pointing out that the grassroots has a voice when it comes to the future of the sport.

Before the vote, a rift between teams in German-speaking Switzerland (Scots regime) and teams from Western Switzerland and Ticino (pro play-offs) was evident. Most clubs have already announced how their vote will turn out before the decision.

Two more games in the season

The position of Zurich Grasshoppers and FC Basel remained unclear for a long time. A simple majority, i.e. at least 11:9, was needed to cancel the playoff. It said 10:10 until the end. Shortly before the league announced the general meeting’s decision, then informed FCB, also opted for the Scottish model.

Now the new twelve teams in the league – the increase decided in May was uncontested – play three games against every other opponent. After these 33 games, the league is divided into the top half and the bottom half. In both, all teams play one match against each other. This means that 38 championship matches will be played, two more than in the previous ten-league.

A disadvantage of the Scottish system is the fact that teams can have a different number of home games. If this is the case, it is compensated for in the following season’s schedule, so that over two seasons all clubs play an average of 19 home games. (FRAME)

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