Soccer: Big World Cup interview with national team captain Granit Xhaka


Granit Xhaka on the streets of London.


Restaurant “Storia”, in the London suburb of Radlett, just 15 minutes from the Arsenal campus. Granit Xhaka meeting. After the city derby win against Chelsea, the Swiss start in Arsenal’s black tracksuit. This is wearing particularly well after the city derby we just won against Chelsea. There are whispers in the restaurant and some people may say “Well done Gunners!” don’t hold back Xhaka, the new crowd favorite, shines.

You and Arsenal – that’s an incredible story. They were already sitting on their packed suitcases and wanted to go to Hertha. Now the fans love you.
Granit Xhaka: Yes, this story is really crazy. That was three years ago when the fans booed me. I was devastated, it was clear to me – if they don’t want me here anymore, then my future doesn’t lie here.

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