Six dead after crash at Dallas air show

Two planes collide mid-air in front of thousands of spectators at a World War II commemorative air show in Dallas.

A Boeing B-17 (symbol image) collided with another plane in Dallas.

Scott M. Lieberman / AP

(dpa) Six people were killed when two World War II planes collided at an air show in Dallas, Texas. District Judge Clay Jenkins made the announcement Sunday, citing the coroner. The investigation into the incident continued.

The accident happened on Saturday at a commemorative event for the Second World War, which attracted around 4,000 visitors. On Friday, the United States celebrated Veterans Day, a holiday honoring veterans.

A Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (“Flying Fortress”) and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra fighter plane collided in mid-air and crashed for reasons still unclear. The organizer had previously announced that there were five crew members in the first machine and only the pilot in the second.

Videos in the media and on social networks show the fast fighter hitting the side of the four-engine Boeing, which disintegrates and both machines fall to the ground. An explosion, a ball of fire and a large cloud of smoke can then be seen above the crash site.

No spectators were injured

Spectators on the ground were unharmed, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said. In addition to the FAA, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is also investigating the accident. Firefighters reported that debris fell on the airport grounds and a nearby highway. The paramedics were there for the show anyway and could have intervened quickly.

The organizer told journalists that he could not explain the accident. Neither machine would perform any risky maneuvers. The planes are also meticulously maintained. The pilots used are very experienced and come from commercial aviation or the military. “There is a very rigorous vetting and training process going on,” he added.

The event, which was supposed to continue on Sunday, was canceled after the accident.

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