Sion makes specific allegations against referees and VAR

FC Sion is unhappy at the moment.Image: keystone

11/8/2022, 1:34 p.m11/8/2022, 2:26 p.m

No rest in the latest FC Sion saga. After striker Mario Balotelli on social media and president Christian Constantin in an interview about a large-scale attack on the Swiss football league and the Super League, the club is now responding with an official media statement. This is not based on diplomacy, but adding more fuel to the fire.

The club writes that they are aware of the tension that has arisen as a result of recent events and regret that it has come after a series of grievances that Sion say they have experienced especially in the last month.

It also says: “We have found that the rules are interpreted differently depending on the jersey the player is wearing.” In addition, FC Sion raises allegations of a conflict of interest. According to his information, the sound engineer for the video assistant in Volketswil during Sitten’s match with Zurich was a former material manager of FCZ.

FC Sion, for its part, will do its best to defend its interests and those of its team members – both in terms of what happens inside the league and outside of it. The actual report ends with the sentence: “FC Sion believes its rights have been violated and will not comment further.”

Among them, the Super League club list several other situations which, in their own opinion, “deserve the intervention of the authorities responsible for applying the rules of the game (referees and VAR)”. The club will also provide videos.

Examples of FC Sion:

  • “In our match against Basel, Basel defender Arnau Comas sent the ball in for a corner kick. This action is allowed by the referee and VAR and there is no obvious penalty disallowance, while our player Denis-Will Poh’s backhand effort against Winterthur resulted in a penalty.”
  • «In Basel, Sion’s Baltazar was sent off after consulting VAR for a hand to the head, although Mario Balotelli was fouled early in the action. Liam Millar’s slap to the face of Sion’s Numa Lavanchy did not lead to a similar penalty, either by VAR or the referee.»
  • “There are many other examples of injustice, but we limit ourselves here to FC Sion’s disallowed goals against FC Zurich.”
  • «Mario Balotelli is fouled here and gets a caution.»


53 Sion coaches under Christian Constantine


53 Sion coaches under Christian Constantine

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