Sion-Kicker Insufficient – These are Round 16 marks

These are the grades of the round of 16

In the 2:7 debacle, not all of Sion’s kicks were enough

In the 2:7 debacle against St. As expected, Gallen was failed by all Sion players. On the other hand, the triple hero Emmanuel Latte Lath stands out in the aspens. Here are the results of the 16th round of the Superliga.


He has a significant role in the victory in St. Gallen with his Triple Pack: Latte Lath gets a 6.

Zion – St. Gallen 2:7

He has hinted several times in recent weeks that Emmanuel Latte Lath could become a Super League attraction. Now the button will open in the tourbillon. A three-pack for a lightning-quick striker who takes the game home. Center back Dimitri Cavaré had a night in Sion he didn’t want to tell anyone about. The man from Guadeloupe, who represents the inferior defense of Valais, offers one dollar after another. In the end, FC Sion must be glad they didn’t get Stängeli.

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