Sido: Charlotte Würdig reacts to his drug confession

His crisis destroyed their marriage

Charlotte Würdig comments on Sid’s drug confession

A few days ago, Sido shocked by confessing to drugs. Now his ex-wife Charlotte Würdig has responded with a statement.


Sido recently confessed to drugs.

A few days ago, Sido (41) revealed that he had a drug relapse and is undergoing treatment. He said in Spiegel: “Without withdrawals and physicals at the clinic, I probably wouldn’t have survived this summer.” Unlike him, his marriage with Charlotte Würdig (44) did not recover from this crisis. The rapper was unfaithful to the presenter. They recently divorced.

But there is no bad blood between the two. Würdig even praised her ex-husband, real name Paul Würdig, for his courage when he dared to go public. In her Instagram story, she writes: “Yes, our marriage did not survive this difficult time. But our friendship is intact. That Sido is now speaking so openly and unadorned about it is not only brave, but also right. »

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