Sepp Blatter’s demand for expulsion is controversial in politics

That’s what politicians say when Sepp Blatter calls for the exclusion of Iran

“Hope for a signaling effect for the Bundesrat”

Former FIFA chief Sepp Blatter wants to exclude the mullahs’ state from the World Cup in Qatar because of the regime’s continued violence against the population in Iran. Politicians react to the demand very differently.


In just over a week, the FIFA World Cup will begin in Qatar. The final will then be held here at the Lusail Stadium.

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Pascal TischhauserDeputy Head of Policy

That whoever leads the war must not play football was heard at the European Football Championship in 1992. The former Yugoslavia was excluded from the tournament. Christian Wasserfallen (41), Bern National Councilor of the FDP, points this out. “But it is not up to politicians to decide how a war or an open civil war can be compared to the situation in Iran, that must be decided by Fifa as the organizer of the World Cup in Qatar,” he says.

Wasserfallen plays FIFA World Cup football. In a lecture on Blick, its former president Joseph Blatter (86) demanded that the latest developments in Iran be countered by the expulsion of the Iranian football team. Finally, due to the war of aggression against Ukraine, Russia should not be involved either.

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