Sensation “The Lion’s Den”: the Facebook group takes over the startup DHLL

It’s Never Happened Before: Facebook Acquires ‘The Lion’s Den’ Startup

Founders of Presize in

Presize founders Leon Szeli and Tomislav Tomov present their idea in “The Lion’s Den”.

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Success for Presize: As the first start-up at the “Die Höhle der Löwen” start-up fair, the Munich-based company was taken over by a global technology group. Meta got 100% of the shares.

At the end of 2020, Leon Szeli and Tomislav Tomov presented the idea behind their company Presize on the Vox show “Die Höhle der Löwen”: a digital size advisor. The user records a video of himself with a smartphone, and an AI then determines the correct clothing size in the corresponding online store.

The concept convinced investor Carsten Maschmeyer at the start-up fair: the lion obtained 15% of the start-up for 650,000 euros. Other investors also pumped money into the app, according to CEO Leon Szeli, it was a total of two million euros. Now Presize is taking another important step: As the business portal “Gründerszene” reports with reference to an entry in the Munich commercial register, Facebook’s parent company Meta has taken over the startup.

Known from “The Lion’s Den”: Presize merges with Meta

This means that the Presize brand will soon disappear from the market. According to the “Gründerszene” report, Meta took over 100% of the company. There was initially no information on the purchase price. According to “Gründerszene”, Meta mainly cares about the technology behind the tool. Of the approximately 50 Presize employees to date, it is primarily developers who will continue to be employed.

This is the first time that a start-up from the “Lion’s Cave” show has succeeded in being acquired by a global technology company. Szeli founded the startup in 2019 with Tomislav Tomov and Awais Shafique. The trio met during their studies. According to the website, among the Munich start-up’s consultants and investors are Maschmeyer, Heiko Schäfer (COO of Hugo Boss) and Chris Brenninkmeyer, whose family owns C&A. The Presize body scanner tool is integrated directly into the pages of online shops and, according to the founders, should be able to determine body measurements 55% more accurately than comparable offers from the competition on the market.

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