Self defense? The videos indicate the shooting of captured Russian soldiers

Kyiv talks of self-defense, UN launches investigation

Were captured Russian soldiers executed on the spot?

Cold-blooded execution of defenseless prisoners – or self-defense? Moscow blames Kyiv for the execution of captured soldiers. Kyiv counters that the Russians were faking surrender and planning an ambush. Research confirms this version.


In mid-November, the Luhansk region was captured from Ukraine: one by one, Russian soldiers surrendered and laid them on the ground in the backyard.

For several days now, Russian media have been playing up reports that Ukrainian soldiers allegedly shot Russian prisoners of war at close range. Two 30-second videos of Russian prisoners of war lying on the ground are circulating on the Internet. One by one they emerged from the hut with their hands raised and surrendered. He is lying face down on the ground in the backyard. Suddenly, a figure – a Russian – rushes out of the hut and opens fire. The video stops suddenly. The second video shows the bodies of Russian soldiers in pools of blood.

Kyiv denied reports of the alleged execution of Ukrainian soldiers. Rather, their own soldiers were defending themselves against the Russians, Dmitro Lubinez, the human rights representative of the Ukrainian parliament, said in Telegram on Sunday. According to Lubinez, the Russians were only faking their capitulation. He does not deny killing the prisoners, but suggests self-defense.

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