Schumi and Binotto before the end and Alfa-Sauber to Abu Dhabi without a computer

Sauber boss Vasseur in discussion as his successor

Will the boss of Ferrari Binotto be fired after Schumacher?

Alfa-Sauber doesn’t have to do any big calculations in Abu Dhabi, one point is enough to finish sixth in the World Championship standings. Meanwhile, Schumacher and Binotto are on the brink of the end.


Alfa-Sauber needs a single point in Abu-Dhabi to secure sixth place.

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Roger BenoitFormula 1 expert

The Alfa-Sauber team travels to the final in Abu Dhabi with a lead of 55:50. And in the fight for 6th place, you don’t have to carry a large logarithmic ruler with you. The magic number this time is seven. Rivals Aston Martin-Mercedes with retired Vettel (after 299 races) and team owner son Stroll must not finish 7th, 8th and 9th. If Hinwil remains without points.

Because if the points are equal, the better result will decide in 2022. And Bottas in Imola – fifth! Of course, it would be best if Alfa-Sauber scored points on their own again, as they did in the last two races. Then the task for the “greens” is practically unsolvable.

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