Schumacher settles scores with Steiner: “Self-promoter” / Formula 1

Mick Schumacher will take part in his final Formula 1 race for Haas this weekend and will be replaced by Nico Hülkenberg. Ralf Schumacher takes over from Günther Steiner as team boss.

It should be official this week: Nico Hülkenberg returns to Formula 1, signs with Haas, which in turn means the end of Mick Schumacher – at least as a regular driver.

Mick’s uncle Ralf Schumacher is now also predicting this change. “I can see that it is difficult for Haas to pick Mick. Otherwise, they would have done it a long time ago, »said the Sky expert: «I think that the interaction in the team and the openness of Günther Steiner – I call it politely – obviously does not necessarily speak positively.»

Ralf Schumacher doesn’t let Steiner have a good hair, which has turned the announcement into a months-long feud. Steiner always kept high pressure on Mick Schumacher.

“Mick has shown there is potential. But no matter what he did, the team and Günther Steiner were never satisfied. All behavior cannot be explained by ordinary measures. It has to be something personal. I don’t think Günther Steiner can handle the fact that Haas is targeting someone else. He is very, very happy to be the one in the foreground,” said Ralf Schumacher, calling the Austrian a “self-promoter”.

Ralf Schumacher also criticized Steiner’s management of the team. “You can’t call it personnel management. You need to motivate your employees. (…) He is under constant pressure not to make any mistakes, otherwise he cannot continue driving with Haas. When you’re under that much pressure, you can’t drive freely,” Schumacher said, recommending a “winter course.”

Sao Paulo-GP, Interlagos

01. George Russell (GB), 1:38:34.044h
02. Lewis Hamilton (GB), Mercedes, +1.529 sec
03. Carlos Sainz (E), Ferrari, +4.051
04. Charles Leclerc (MC), Ferrari, +8.441
05. Fernando Alonso (L), Alpine, +9.561
06. Max Verstappen (NL), Red Bull Racing, +10.056
07. Sergio Perez (MEX), Red Bull Racing, +14,080
08. Esteban Ocon (F), Alpine, +18.690
09. Valtteri Bottas (FIN), Alfa Romeo, +22.552
10. Lance Stroll (CDN), Aston Martin, +23.552
11. Sebastian Vettel (D), Aston Martin, +26.183
12. Guanyu Zhou (RC), Alfa Romeo, +29.325
13. Mick Schumacher (D), Haas, +29.899
14. Pierre Gasly (F), AlphaTauri, +31.867
15. Alex Albon (T), Williams, +36.016
16. Nicholas Latifi (CDN), Williams, +37.038
17. Yuki Tsunoda (J), AlphaTauri, +1 Round
Lando Norris (GB), McLaren, Electrics
Daniel Ricciardo (AUS), McLaren, collision with Magnussen
Kevin Magnussen (DK), Haas, collision with Ricciardo

Championship status (after 21 of 22 races)

01. Verstappen 429 points
02. Leclerc 290
03. Perez 290
04. Russell 265
05. Hamilton 240
06. Sainz 234
07. Norris 113
08. Ocon 86
09. Alonso 81
10. Bottas 49
11. Vettel 36
12. Ricciardo 35
13. Magnussen 25
14. Gaseous 23
15. Walk 14
16. Schumacher 12
17. Tsunoda 12
18. Zhou 6
19. Albon 4
20. Latif 2
21. De Vries 2
22. Nico Hulkenberg (D) 0

Constructors’ Cup
01. Red Bull Racing 719 Points
02. Ferrari 524
03. Mercedes 505
04. Alpine 167
05. McLaren 148
06. Alfa Romeo 55
07. Aston Martin 50
08. Haas 37
09. Alpha Tauri 35
10. Williams 8

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