SCB star Chris DiDomenico faces a penalty for fouling the referee

Progress against SCB’s top scorers

Is this referee alluding to DiDo’s failures?

The scene almost collapsed in a turbulent match between SC Bern and ZSC Lions. Almost. League justice targeted Chris DiDomenico.


SCB forward Chris DiDomenico touches the referee in such a way that…

There’s always something going on when Chris DiDomenico is on the ice. SCB’s top scorer causes a spectacle and rubs against the opposition. It was no different last Saturday against ZSC Lions (4:3 after 1:3), the last game under coach Johan Lundskog, who was fired in the meantime.

But now it turns out that the hot-blooded Canadian not only had fights with opponents – including Mikko Lehtonen and Reto Schäppi – but also had contact with the referee. The league reports: “SC Bern’s Christopher DiDomenico will be subject to regular proceedings for violation of IIHF Rule 39/40 (insulting a referee).”

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