Salt Bae causes a scandal with a bill of 160,000

“Completely Selfish”

Influencer chef Salt Bae outraged his followers with a bill of CHF 160,000

Noble butcher Salt Bae (39) bragged on Instagram about the bill from his restaurant, converted to 160 thousand Swiss francs. He received a storm from his followers. Such exorbitant prices are insane.


Guests left the equivalent of almost 160,000 francs in Abu Dhabi that evening.

Fans of influencer chef Salta Bae, 39, are furious. A Turkish restaurateur took to Instagram to show off a shocking account from a restaurant guest. It is reported by “Daily Mail”.

According to the Instagram profile of Salt Bae, who owes his nickname to the typically gentle movement of his hands when salting his meat, the customer’s bill came to an incredible 615,065 Arab dirhams. This is the equivalent of almost 160,000 francs.

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