Russians kill “traitors” with a hammer after escaping

A Russian assassin was drafted into the Ukrainian war. A little later he fled and spoke to a journalist – now he has been brutally murdered.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Russian gunmen have released a video of a brutal execution.
  • The footage shows the deserter being beaten to death with a hammer.
  • The victim is a convicted murderer recruited by the Wagner group.

In the fall, the murderer Yevgeny Nushin is released from prison to serve in Wagner’s group in the war in Ukraine.

But it quickly became clear to him that he did not want to fight for the regime of President Vladimir Putin. On the one hand, Nushin has family in Ukraine, on the other hand, he believes that he will not survive for long.

In September, he manages to switch to the Ukrainian side. There, he talks to a journalist about the Wagner Group: “I don’t even know how to explain the task of the stormtroopers. I’ve noticed it myself—cannon fodder.’

Nushin is now dead, killed with a hammer by compatriots in the Ukraine war as punishment for running away.

Before the murder, the prisoner must confess to “treason” on camera.

The pro-Russian Telegram site Gray Zone published a video showing the 55-year-old’s final moments. You can see his head stuck to a row of rocks.

Then the camera zooms in, Nushin says: “I am Evgeny Anatolyevich Nushin, born in 1967. I went to the front to fight on the side of Ukraine against the Russians.”

Are you worried about the war in Ukraine?

And further: «4. In September, I realized my plan to emigrate to Ukraine. On November 11, I was on the streets of Kyiv and received a blow to the head that knocked me unconscious.”

He woke up in this cellar again. There he was told that he would now be judged. Brute force follows. The video shows Nushin repeatedly hitting his head with a heavy hammer.

Doubts about Russian abduction story in Ukraine war

The pro-Russian Telegram channel “Grey Zone” wrote of the video: “Anyone who understands this knows that hammers and traitors have a close relationship.” Nushin received a “traditional Wagner punishment.”

Exactly how the ex-mercenary Wagner was brought back to Russia is unclear. There are doubts whether he really could have been kidnapped in Kiev. Observers speculate that this information was fabricated by Wagner to warn other fighters.

Nushin was imprisoned in 1999. He was convicted of murder and assault. In fact, it wasn’t supposed to be released until June 2027.

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