Russian soldiers scold Ukrainians because of Putin

Russian soldiers who are supposed to fight for their country in the war in Ukraine are severely neglected. The anger of some men at the leadership in Moscow is enormous.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Hundreds of thousands of Russian men were conscripted into the Russian army.
  • As the soldiers say, they are sent to the front without any training.
  • The group has now voluntarily surrendered and talks about poor conditions.

More than 20 Russian soldiers surrendered on Monday in the town of Svatove in the Russian-controlled Luhansk region. Men actively left their positions because they would live in unbearable conditions. Ukrainians were captured while awaiting arrest in the basement.

They tell the Ukrainian guards that they “didn’t shoot” and “don’t want to fight.” As “Bild” writes, he speaks contemptuously of the Russian army and the poor organization.

The war in Ukraine: Straight to the front without training

They were only summoned about a month ago. Without training and without a mobile phone, they were sent to war in Ukraine. “We were not in contact, no one told us what to do. They were shooting at us all the time,” they complain.

At first the officers ran away and left the soldiers. Anger at Moscow and the leadership around Putin is huge: “We are just meat!” They didn’t shower for a month and didn’t get water for several days.

“Since the arrest, they have been treating us better in the trench than before,” the soldiers said. Putin’s big mobilization doesn’t seem to be going according to plan.

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