Russian elites claim that Russia has lost the real war

Russian elites resign

“We lost the real war”

Since Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson, things have looked bad for Putin’s troops. Constant failures get on the nerves of the Russian elite as well. For many, it is clear: the Kremlin has already lost the real war.


Things are not looking good for Russian soldiers on the battlefield.

The soldiers of Vladimir Putin (70) are not doing well at the front. It seems that the Russian armed forces have not yet recovered from the bitter defeat at Kherson. Instead of striking, they continue to hide and even prepare for further setbacks. The British secret service informed about it.

Constant setbacks at the front, the withdrawal from Kherson, falling morale: the impression is growing that Russia has a poor chance of winning the war. Apparently, a large part of the Russian elite also thinks so, as the Kremlin-critical news portal Meduza learned. It is clear to many: “We have lost the real war.”

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