Rothenburg LU: Ikea must be evacuated – the fire department is arriving with a large contingent

Great enthusiasm in the furniture store Ikea in Rothenburg. On Wednesday morning, a siren alarm suddenly went off and a loudspeaker called for everyone to come out immediately. “We were about to pay our parking ticket when the notification came,” he tells News-Scout FH* on 20 Minutes. “At first I thought it was one bomb attack or this way. It was a strange feeling,” says H. The visitors stood around completely clueless and no one knew exactly what it was about. Shortly after, three fire engines arrived. “However, nothing happened and we left after about a quarter of an hour,” says H.

Ikea warns: “It was actually a furniture store-wide false alarm that was triggered because a small, local alarm could not be identified within three minutes,” Dominique Lohm, a spokeswoman for Switzerland’s Ikea, said when asked. Such evacuations would be rehearsed in every furniture store twice a year. There is a precise procedure for this. According to the Rothenburg branch, everything went according to plan. It even had a happy ending: all customers were invited to lunch after the evacuation.

The Fire and Rescue Service confirmed the use. Like Police in Lucerne reported, they didn’t even come out because it was a false alarm.

* Editor’s name known.

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