Roland Kaiser: Sad news – certainty at last

The emperor will no longer appear here

Still, some fans of Roland Kaiser have to accept the disappointment that they will have to do without an interpreter at a certain event in the future “Why didn’t you say no?” – at the city festival in Münster “Münster mittendrin”where the septuagenarian has actually always created a great atmosphere as a top act for the last four years.

As reported by “Westfälische Nachrichten” with reference to “Antenne Münster”, the organizers of “Münster mittendrin” would like to sign the German star for next year’s popular city festival, but Roland Kaiser and his management refused them – And not just for next year, but forever! The executive director of “Münster mittendrin” Ana Voogd spoke to the newspaper about the reasons for the removal of the successful star:

He chose other places.

Plus there would be the big one Roland Kaiser’s popularity, who lives in Münster, because he is after all one of the most successful German artists, his shows would attract a lot of fans, but the space and time capacities in the cathedral square in Münster are limited. In addition, it is not a given that Roland Kaiser will appear in the “Münster mittendrin”, because the ticket prices are the same after all for own concerts many times more expensive than those for “Münster mittendrin”. It is not yet known who will replace Roland Kaiser. But Kaiser fans can definitely be sure to see him somewhere else very soon.

Used sources: Westphalian news

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