Roland Kaiser: Desperate! “It makes me depressed”

Roland Kaiser: The game drives him to despair

In fact, the game was created for Roland Kaiser, because using individual words one should guess which hit song it is. You’d think the singer would win this game in his sleep – If only it wasn’t his opponent Robert. The fourth grader in the game quickly proved that he was probably the hit genius of the two. He could name almost every song instantly. Kaiser was particularly impressed when the little one recognized the song “Lovesickness Ain’t Worth It” by Siwa Malmkvis from the words Tears, Morning, Night, Laughter and Heart, published in 1964 – incredible! Long-established Roland was initially only able to win the round with the song “Griechischer Wein” by Udo J├╝rgens. no longer hiding his despair, he said:

You know that again, right? This is depressing me now.

In fact, the septuagenarian was able to guess Andrea Berg’s hit “A thousand times lied”. But in the end, with a measly two points, he had to admit that Robert had four points in this game he was the taller of the two.

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