Rihanna separated? Rumors of cheating shortly before birth – people

Ironically, in the city of love, they say he made a huge mistake…

Did Rihanna (34) break up with her boyfriend, rapper ASAP Rocky (33, real name Rakim Mayers) shortly before the birth of their first child? This claim is circulating on social media.

ASAP Rocky and Rihanna at the Gucci show at Paris Fashion Week in FebruaryFoto: Getty Images for Gucci

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ASAP Rocky and Rihanna at the Gucci show at Paris Fashion Week in FebruaryPhoto: Getty Images for Gucci

And: The rumor mill is bubbling so hot that someone is sure to burn their finger. Either the fashion influencer who made the claim or ASAP Rocky, who was allegedly sent to the desert by Rihanna.

“Rihanna and ASAP Rocky have parted ways. Rihanna broke up with him after catching him cheating with shoe designer Amina Muaddi.

This tweet from fashion blogger Louis Pisano has been driving the pop superstar’s fans crazy for the past few hours.

The blogger claims the leak happened during Paris Fashion Week. Spicy: Rihanna was also in Paris at the time and worked closely with the designer.

Just a few days ago, Rihanna was spotted wearing shoes from her collection.

If the rumors are true, they will surely be put to rest soon – just like Rihanna’s partner…

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