Reto Scherrer celebrates the return of the slider – take a look


Reto Scherrer is looking forward to his return to the Jass table.

He was a Jasse puppet on Swiss TV for years. At the beginning of 2020, he had his last show “Samschtig-Jass”, as he moved to Blick TV as a presenter. Now Reto Scherrer returns to the green table! He celebrates his return as Jasser at the 6th Swiss Drivers’ Championship with Blick and Swisslos.

November 18 is about Jasskönig’s successor Steve Furrer (40) from Winterthur ZH. One hundred of the best players in the country will compete against each other in the grand final tournament at Casino Zug. Scherrer is moderating, at the same time giving his slide comeback.

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