Reichspogromnacht: KFC promotes Nazi memorial day causes horror in Germany


The night of the Reich pogromKFC promotes Nazi Remembrance Day causes horror in Germany

The fried chicken giant Kentucky Fried Chicken got into trouble in Germany with a strange message: On the anniversary of Reichspogromnacht, they recommended “softer cheese with crispy chicken”.

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KFC became famous for its chicken specialties and its flagship, the founder, Colonel Sanders.


Now the group has made an embarrassing mistake in Germany.

Now the group has made an embarrassing mistake in Germany.


In it, the fast-food provider linked

In it, the fast-food provider linked “crispy chicken” to the murderous night perpetrated by the Nazis in which hundreds of synagogues and Jewish businesses were torched.


“Do you still have all the chickens on the perch?”, “Really KFC?!? Can it get any more tasteless?!?” or simply “How tasteless do you want to be?”: That’s the tenor on Twitter after a push message that users of the app in question from Kentucky Fried Chicken received in Germany on November 9. The criticized text of the message was titled “Remembrance Day of the Imperial Spogromnacht”, under it “Indulge in a soft cheese with crispy chicken”.

“Sorry, we made a mistake”

When the ad mixed with the night of November 9, 1938, when the Nazis unleashed deadly violence against the Jews in Germany, a huge storm erupted over the fast food giant. KFC immediately responded with an apology – “sorry, we made a mistake” – and said the push was due to a “system error” and that they would “immediately review internal processes” to “not do” such a thing. it won’t happen again »could. However, various twitterers asked themselves how such pressure could be the result of a “system error”. KFC did not comment on the faux pas when asked by “Frankfurter Rundschau”.

On the night of the Reich pogrom in 1938, also earlier Imperial Kristallnacht As mentioned, as well as the following two days, members of the SS and SA burned around 400 synagogues and houses of worship as well as Jewish shops throughout Germany. Several hundred Jews were murdered, thousands were kidnapped. The pogroms mark the transition from legal discrimination and oppression of German Jews from 1933 to their systematic expulsion and murder.

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