Reduce electricity and gas costs: easily save more than 700 euros

Reduce electricity and gas costs
Easily save more than 700 euros

Electricity and gas prices are skyrocketing. But all the laments don’t help. If you don’t want to pay more, you have to save energy. Sometimes it’s very simple – and brings a lot.

A model household with an annual consumption of 5,000 kilowatt hours has to pay on average more than 2,000 euros per year for a new electricity contract. A year earlier, it was 500 less. But even for existing customers, the prices and therefore the discounts increase in some cases. Heating is also becoming more and more expensive for gas customers. The costs for a warm cabin amounted to 1402 euros at the end of the heating season. About 15% more had to be paid for the months of September to March compared to the previous year. But it will probably only be very expensive during the upcoming heating season.

It remains only to save on consumption. Comparison portal Verivox has put together a sample calculation that shows the simple changes in behavior that can save a lot of money. Here we are:

Save 300 euros – halve the time spent in the shower

Anyone who showers every day and stays under a normal shower head for 8 minutes pays about 276 euros per year at the current gas price (13.94 cents/kWh in April 2022). If the shower time is halved, around 138 euros can be saved per year. A year ago, the average gas price was 6.29 cents/kWh and annual costs were 188 euros.

If the hot water is heated by electricity, which is the case in about 20% of German households, the annual costs for a daily 8-minute shower are 611 euros per year. Anyone who reduces shower time to 4 minutes saves around 306 euros per year.

Save 150 euros – avoid standby losses

If all standby losses of electrical appliances are systematically avoided in a three-person household, up to 360 kilowatt hours (kWh) can be saved per year. In April 2022, the average electricity price was 43.42 cents/kWh, which corresponds to an annual saving of around 156 euros. 12 months ago, the average price of electricity was 29.28 cents/kWh and the possible savings were around 105 euros.

“By unplugging or unplugging power strips, standby losses of electronic devices can be effectively reduced,” says Thorsten Storck, energy expert at Verivox. “In standby mode, modern electrical appliances are significantly more economical than older models, but at the same time the number of electrical appliances in German households is constantly increasing. Those that switch off completely regularly can significantly reduce their energy consumption. ‘electricity and save.’

Save 250 euros – get rid of old gas guzzlers

If you still have an old refrigerator or freezer in the basement, you may be powering a large consumer of electricity unnecessarily. A large old chest freezer can consume up to 580 kWh and, at today’s electricity prices, causes annual costs of around 252 euros per year. A year ago, the costs were still around 170 euros. If you dispose of your device, you save accordingly.

Save 27 euros – upgrade to a tablet

Tablets are designed for particularly low power consumption and can do many things that are normally done with desktop or laptop computers. Anyone who manages to switch to a tablet with a power consumption of 5 watts for three hours a day has electricity costs of just over 2 euros per year at current electricity prices. A PC or laptop with a power consumption of 60 watts would cost around 29 euros for the same period of use.

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