Queen Máxima – her daughters’ pocket money

Strict pocket money rule

Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander are not lacking in resources. Nevertheless, the royal couple attaches great importance to their three daughters so as not to spoil too much. In the radio program “Start me Fernando”, the queen reports: “Pocket money is about learning money. It’s good if you make mistakes in this phase of life. You learn from it.” As a result, their three daughters get reasonable pocket money, with which you can do whatever you want. However, if the money has been spent, they cannot expect an injection of money from their parents.

Durek Verrett: Isolation and a swing jacket

In 2019, Märtha Louise from Norway and Durek Verrett made their love official. The 47-year-old is a shaman and has a dark past. As a teenager, Durek was already in prison. He now remembers this time in the “IGNTD” podcast. At 17, the fiancé of the Norwegian princess organizes an illegal party during which a fire broke out. Then today’s shaman was arrested by the FBI and imprisoned for a year. He was spat on several times by fellow inmates. As he began to fight back, Durek entered Insulation tree. There he tried himself pretending to commit suicide. Again and again, he banged his head hard against a wall. The consequences: He received a straitjacket! After a year, he was released for good behavior.

Rare selfie of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia

An absolute rarity! Prince Carl Philip shares a selfie with his wife Sofia. But the two are not alone in the photo. Four other women stand next to the Princess of Sweden – and this photo has a serious reason! Sofia and the other women are campaigning with their Prinsparet Foundation “more respect and understanding for dyslexia” a. Prince Carl Philip also suffers from dyslexia.

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