Queen Consort Camilla: A Sad Fraud Drama

“His infidelity depressed her”

But that is not all: Andrew Parker Bowles is said to have even flirted with Princess Anne! “Andrew was like a drug. You couldn’t get him out of your system,” an ex-girlfriend is said to have once told Wyatt – and thus Queen Consort Camilla was once blinded:

Camilla adored her husband, was a loving mother to her children Tom and Laura and never intended to get back into a relationship with Charles.

But then everything turned out differently: Contrary to all assumptions, it was not Queen Consort Camilla, but first her husband Andrew Parker Bowles, who became unfaithful: “There are men who just can’t resist women and Andrew was one of them. While Camilla remained in the country, he continued to blaze a trail through London, spending most of the week in the city. Camilla couldn’t hold him back. His infidelity left her depressed and feeling unwanted.”

Finally, King Charles III. she again sought contact with Camilla—and after her marriage failed and after much deliberation, she finally became involved with the monarch. In 1995, Camilla and Andrew divorced, just a year later Charles and Diana’s marriage officially ended. Today, the two are still happy together and the king shows how important his wife is to him at every opportunity.

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Used sources: Daily mail

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