Putin sent a plane with 138 million in cash on board

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Putin sent a plane to Tehran with 138 million in cash

A Russian military plane is said to have flown to Tehran in August. On board the machine: the equivalent of 138 million Swiss francs in cash. This is how Putin paid for the delivery of the drones. Another money plane is due to take off again to secure supplies.


What is the similarity between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi?

Russia and Iran cooperate: On August 20, a Russian military plane flew to Iran with the equivalent of CHF 138 million in cash and a selection of British and American weapons seized by the Russians in Ukraine.

And for a very special business. In return, there were a bunch of Iranian drones. This is what a secret Ukrainian source told Sky News. In recent weeks, Iran has denied accusations that it sent drones to the Russian military. The government eventually admitted that it had delivered a “limited number of drones” to Moscow – allegedly even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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