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A mental health screening can assess your risk of heart disease

A short and simple test for mental stress according to a recent study, this may be an effective way to achieve this risk of cardiovascular disease judge. people with high Stress had almost 30 percent higher riskone cardiovascular disease Develop.

researchers from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island (USA) showed in a large meta-analysis how psychological stress is related to cardiovascular disease risk and how a short test can provide information about risk. The results were recently presented in the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention.

Data from over 600,000 participants evaluated

The working group evaluated data from more than 600,000 subjects which were collected in 28 studies. It turned out that the psychiatric burden of a person has been underestimated so far Risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

In addition, scientists were able to demonstrate that a simple screeningwhich can be performed even without psychological training, allows drawing conclusions about the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Mental stress test to demonstrate cardiac risk

Psychiatrist and study author Carly Goldstein suggests that the test could take the form of a short mental distress questionnaire that would be handed out in doctors’ offices or hospitals to allow for a quick and easy initial assessment of risk heart health get.

For example, targeted mental health interventions could be offered to help improve cardiovascular health.

“This analysis shows that a patient’s psychological distress is directly related to their cardiovascular risk, giving the physician an opportunity to help the patient manage their risk over time.”Goldstein points out.

A lot of evidence supports this connection

According to her, there is enough evidence in studies that psychological stress is related to the risk of cardiovascular diseases. For example, people who suffer from symptoms of depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, and psychosocial stress all have an increased risk of heart disease.

The findings have not yet been put into practice

According to Goldstein, the connection is well-documented but currently exists uselesswho put this knowledge into clinical practice transferred. One is enough a short questionnaire for clinically relevant information.

“Most research linking mental health and cardiovascular disease has focused on people who have already been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.”adds the co-author of the study Allison Gaffey he added. She is a clinical psychologist at the Yale School of Medicine.

According to her, however, far fewer studies have addressed the question of how mental health affects cardiovascular riskif you have not yet been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

Mind and heart go hand in hand

The researchers searched three major research databases for studies of adults without heart disease that looked at both psychiatric symptoms and cardiovascular health.

The risk of heart disease is up to 28 percent higher

Analysis of the data showed a clear correlation between psychiatric symptoms and the risk of cardiovascular disease. People who reported high levels of psychological distress had up to 28 percent higher riskmore likely to develop heart disease than patients with little or no mental disorder.

“We believe that brief mental health screenings provide feedback that is useful in understanding cardiovascular disease risk in a very multidimensional way.”, Gaffey points out. Screening could include other standard tests such as validation blood pressure and cholesterol supplement sensibly. (vb)

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Postgraduate editor (ZF) Volker Blašek


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