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Olive oil is healthy due to its secondary plant substances. Vegetable fat prevents stroke and heart attack – two tablespoons a day is enough.

Whether in a salad or as a delicious dip with bread – olive oil is not only popular, but also beneficial for your health. For this, olive oil should meet four criteria. It is the secondary plant substances hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol that make it special because they have an anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to its monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, olive oil can drive away free radicals and so-called toxins in the body. It also keeps blood vessels elastic, prevents arteriosclerosis and therefore protects against stroke. Just include olive oil in your diet more often, it will pay off. Studies show that a Mediterranean diet with olive oil protects against stroke and heart attack.

Prevent stroke: protect with two tablespoons of olive oil daily

If you consume around 15 grams of uncooked olive oil every day, you can effectively prevent a stroke. (Iconic image) © Bassi/Imago

Suffering a stroke is tragic – especially since it was preventable in many cases. How you can do a lot: reduce stroke risk factors and eat healthy foods that prevent hardening of the arteries. Olive oil is one of the healthiest foods. “Olive oil is largely composed of monounsaturated fatty acids, mainly oleic acid. It is an omega-9 fatty acid that has a positive effect on cholesterol levels and heart health Eco test quoted the qualified ecotrophologist Dagmar von Cramm. “Because it can reduce harmful LDL cholesterol – a blood fat that tends to clog arteries,” the nutritionist continues.

Reduce the risk of stroke: the oleic acid in olive oil does the trick

Strokes and heart attacks can be the result of “calcified” arteries, arteriosclerosis. “The oleic acid in olive oil can reduce this risk,” points out Dagmar von Cramm Eco test. Die German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends consuming about 15 grams of olive oil per day. For reference: A spoonful of oil is equivalent to about ten grams.

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Prevent stroke and heart attack: A Mediterranean diet with olive oil has been shown to protect

The effect of olive oil has often been researched and proven in studies. Also Prof. Dr. Dirk Westermann, a cardiologist at the University Hospital in Freiburg, explains the significant influence of the Mediterranean diet in connection with olive oil: “We know, for example, that olive oil improves blood vessel function. This clearly protects against future heart disease. We know that other parameters such as blood pressure, fat levels as well as body mass index and weight develop positively as a result. In addition, clearly anti-inflammatory, so the anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil. And all of that together, all of these probably individually small building blocks put together, end up having a fairly clear effect. And so I explain that olive oil has a clear protective effect,” he quotes Südwestrundfunk cardiologist

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