Prostitutes in Amsterdam are resisting a new erotic center

Amsterdam wants to replace its notorious red light district with a chic “erotic center”. But no one wants it around.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Amsterdam wants to close its red light district and replace it with an erotic center.
  • Problem: The city can’t find a place to build a sleek new building.
  • Residents of potential sites are fiercely fighting back.

For years, Amsterdam has been trying to shed its image as a holiday destination for stoners and red light enthusiasts. Last year, the mayor and city council approved plans to relocate and redevelop Amsterdam’s infamous red light district. The solution: a new “erotic center”.

Now the city has no place for him. Sex workers and local residents stand in the way of the project…

A modern concept for reducing crime

A well-known architect designed an elegant building with more than 100 rooms on behalf of the city. It has bars, restaurants, entertainment rooms and its own health center.

However, finding a place is proving difficult. Due to strong opposition from residents in the proposed neighborhoods!

Moreover, numerous sex workers protest against it. They don’t want to leave the lucrative downtown windows.

The mayor keeps fighting

Mayor Femke Halsema remains determined. With the redesign, he wants to improve the quality of life in the city center.

He envisions a luxury erotic center “that has a certain class and sophistication. It shouldn’t just be a place where petty criminals and the most vulnerable women meet,” she said.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam?

But he can understand residents refusing to have one in their front yard. She talks about the “long journey” of the project, the implementation of which should really start as soon as possible.

Critics say the sex center must end harassment in the red light district without causing harassment elsewhere.

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