Propagandists shocked by the consequences of the sanctions

Because Putin started a war in Ukraine, the West imposed sanctions on Russia. Now even propagandists are aware of its impact.

Putin’s propagandists are aware of the impact of Western sanctions on Russia on TV. – Twitter @Gerashchenko_en


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Russia’s gross domestic product has decreased significantly.
  • Even Putin’s propagandists note how dependent Russia is on the West.
  • “All we have is a western,” says the talk show host.

After Vladimir Putin invaded the neighboring country, sparking the Ukraine war, the West responded with sanctions. These include trade bans and financial measures – which weigh on the Russian economy.

Because Russia’s imports have decreased, as has gross domestic product. GDP fell by 4.0 percent in the third quarter compared to the same quarter last year.

Ukraine War Propagandist: ‘All We Have Is Western’

Putin’s propagandists are now apparently realizing this for the first time. They are shocked on state television. The realization begins when a talk show host suggests nationalizing everything as a measure.

Another guest explains: That wouldn’t help – and the Russian high-speed trains (Sapsan) “stand still tomorrow”. “So what are we going to eat?” he asks the group.

He gets upset: “What are we going to use to make phone calls? What do we do?”

As a propagandist, he naturally does not see Russia as responsible for this situation. In this context, however, it makes no sense to want to “hold those responsible to account”.

Because: “That won’t cause a new Sapsan to appear, no aircraft will appear. We don’t have long-haul planes. Yes, everything we have is western.”

Are you afraid of war in Ukraine?

He declares: “Today we can nationalize everything – but what will we do the next day?” This is a simple question, but there is no answer.

Apparently, even Putin’s top propagandists now realize that Russia is dependent on Western technology.

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