Princess Kate has new rules for her dress

The palace intervenes

New dress code for Princess Kate

Until now, it was always known where Princess Kate shopped for clothes. This should change in the future. Because for Kate’s taste, the British focus on their clothes too much.


Princess Kate is considered a style icon.

Princess Kate (40) has had enough of reducing her outfit. The wife of the heir to the throne of Prince William (40) always causes a conversation with her appearance. But it’s too much for her. That is why the palace is now taking action.

Until now, the British royal family has always announced what clothes and accessories Princess Kate wears in public appearances. Because she is considered a fashion icon. Vogue once described her style as “very inspiring”. Now it’s getting harder and harder for her fans to copy Kate’s look. According to the “Daily Express”, the palace announced that they will not release any more detailed information about the outfit. The only exception should be if the princess wears a special dress – for example, to a movie premiere or a state visit.

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