Prince Philip († 99): A sad revelation

“What can you do about it?”

There are a lot of rumors about whether the royal family has followed “The Crown” so far. It was speculated that King Charles III. “I’m well aware of how he’s portrayed on the show,” they said at times of the royal family not wanting to pay attention to the show. However, it is known in reality I met Queen Consort Camilla a while ago at an event with Emerald Fennell who she played in some seasons of “The Crown”. It has long been speculated that the royal family has quite strong opinions about the series, which depicts their family life and constantly mixes real events with fictional elements. And now an expert reveals that of all people Prince Philip was terribly excited about one of the series he should have.

Hugo Vickers spoke in the “Sunday Times”. The historian is sure that there was one thing Philip did not agree with at all in The Crown. “I know Prince Philip has spoken to his lawyers about it to ask them, ‘What can be done about it?’Vickers reveals. What made Philip so angry? How ‘The Crown’ portrayed the plane crash that killed his sister Cecilie and her husband. Cecilie just gave birth on the plane. In ‘The Crown’ the situation was presented as if Cecilia only got on the plane to visit Philip who was having problems at school. This is for the Duke of Edinburgh didn’t like it at all have. Vickers is sure:

He was very angry at the way he was presented. He was human. He could be hurt like anyone else.

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