Prince Harry’s Netflix resignation letter has surfaced!

A clear request

However, it was not written by the Duke of Sussex, but by Dan Wootton. The journalist regularly writes about the queens in his column for the “Daily Mail”. he doesn’t leave a good hair on “The Crown” either. “I had no idea it would be this bad“, he writes in his latest text. The fifth season is “An attack on the credibility, reputation, heart and soul of our beloved, recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II, her husband Prince Philip, the new monarch Prince Charles and his late ex-wife Princess Diana“For journalists, it’s clear: Harry has to Terminate your relationship with Netflix immediately. But since Harry has not yet commented on the subject, the journalist himself takes the initiative and writes – of course a fictional – Resignation letter from Harry Netflix.

In the fabricated letter, Wootton says Harry said that for the Duke of Sussex “ethically impossible” was to continue working for Netflix. Because the fifth season of “The Crown” has “manipulated Princess Diana’s dark last days“, so Streaming service higher number of subscribers get. Diana, Wootton writes, was portrayed in “The Crown” as if her only goal was to overthrow the monarchy. And especially you Portraying the Queen as an emotionally cold woman Should make Harry think, Wootton thinks. In a fictitious resignation he writes:

You got her completely wrong and I don’t understand how you could broadcast such crap so soon after the whole world came together to commemorate her death.

Clear words Wootton puts into Harry’s mouth. And while the Duke of Sussex never said it like that, it’s probably exactly the statement many have been wanting Harry to make for months. Because the horror that the Sussexes want to continue to work with a streaming service that, in the eyes of many observers, distorts historical facts for the benefit of drama, is great. “”The crown is now harming my family and the monarchy as such”, the resignation letter continues. Finally, Wootton invited Harry to ask canceled the contract and the reality series that he and Meghan are currently filming with Netflix will not air until the coronation of King Charles II.

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