Prince Andrew flew to meetings in Bahrain in the Swiss billionaire’s jet

Prince Andrew flew to Bahrain last week for a controversial meeting. It’s out now: On the Swiss billionaire’s private jet.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Prince Andrew flew to Bahrain last week.
  • This trip was purely private, he says.
  • He stayed in a luxury hotel and flew in a Swiss private jet.

He flew in and out tepidly and stealthily. Prince Andrew (62) traveled to Bahrain last week.

What did he want there? Act as a mediator during the energy crisis between the West and the Gulf states.

How did he get there? With the private plane of the Swiss billionaire, reports “The Sun”. This patron is not further named. He did, however, enable Prince Andrew to take an extremely stealthy and enjoyable trip to the Middle East.

Since his sex scandal with convicted criminal Jeffrey Epstein († 66), Prince Andrew has not been in the service of the royal family. His journey was said to be of a purely private nature. Andrew was on holiday as a ‘privately funded’ guest.

However, his accommodation was said to be a five-star hotel. Paid? From his local royal friends, of course.

Is Prince Andrew a villain?

The Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay in Manama is so elegant that it is said to serve coffee in 24-carat gold cups. A royal suite should cost almost 10,000 francs per night.

Kind of royal, this private trip…

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