Prevention: You can run away from a heart attack

DAK-Gesundheit in Uckermark organizes digital lectures and workshops on the topic “A healthy heart moves”. Registrations are still possible.


The majority of workers in Brandenburg (53 percent) live with at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease – and many do not know it. Because in addition to well-known risks such as those caused by smoking, high blood pressure or obesity, there are also lesser-known psychological factors: According to the DAK health report, depression, anxiety disorders or negative work stress can affect the heart. For prevention and countermeasures, experts recommend physical activity. That is why DAK-Gesundheit in Uckermark currently offers online information about heart-healthy exercise.

Free advice

The free lectures explain the positive effects of physical activity and highlight the biological effects in the body. The interactive online workshop also includes specific recommendations for movement.

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“The health of the people in our region is literally close to our hearts,” says Carmen Reinke from DAK-Gesundheit in Uckermark: “I can recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to start exercising again. It helps with planning and starting regular training. As with lectures, participation is very easy via a computer or tablet with a stable internet connection.”

Lots of exercise options

DAK-Gesundheit implements an online offer of exercises for the heart together with the German Association for Health Sports and Sports Therapy. The free offer is open to insured persons of all health insurance companies. Available dates and registration form are available online at:

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