Premier League: Wayne Rooney settles score with Cristiano Ronaldo

Rooney settles scores with Ronaldo

“Unacceptable! – becomes an unwanted distraction»

Cristiano Ronaldo is not doing well in Manchester. He doesn’t score anymore. And it also creates a bad atmosphere with controversial actions. ManUtd legend Wayne Rooney can’t understand it.


Wayne Rooney (right) and Cristiano Ronaldo are two ManUtd legends.

It was so romantic! Cristiano Ronaldo (37) returned to Manchester United, his great love, in the summer of 2021 after nine years at Real Madrid and three at Juventus. But romance turns to drama in the North West of England. Ronaldo, a one-time goalscoring monster, has only scored three times this season. In addition, Portuguese people always attract attention by behaving like divas.

Wayne Rooney (37), ManUtd legend and former teammate of Ronaldo (206 games in total), cannot understand this. Speaking to ‘talkSPORT’, the current DC United coach says: “He and Messi are probably the two best players of all time, you can see it one way or another. But I think the things Cristiano has been doing since the start of the season are not acceptable for Manchester United!”

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