Pregnant Luzia Tschirky is no longer allowed in the war zone

Luzia Tschirky is pregnant, confirms SRF at the request of For this reason, the reporter is no longer traveling to the war zone.


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  • SRF correspondent Luzia Tschirky is expecting her first child.
  • The thirty-two-year-old man is therefore no longer allowed to travel to Ukraine.

Luzia Tschirky (32) has been reporting from Ukraine for SRF in recent months. Born in Sarganser, she also found herself in dangerous situations. That’s over for now.

The journalist is expecting her first child, as confirmed by SRF when asked by Luzia Tschirky is five months pregnant.

Due to an “increased duty of care”, the 32-year-old no longer travels to Ukraine, explains Thomas von Grünigen, head of foreign correspondents.

It operates from Warsaw, Poland. “From there, she coordinates the crew, who, in consultation with her, continue to produce reports on the ground in Ukraine.”

The fact that Tschirka’s correspondent is seen less on TV is also related to the current news situation. The war is no longer as present as it was in February.

Do you have kids?

Luzia Tschirky remains an SRF expert “on the classification of what is happening in Ukraine and the entire post-Soviet space.” Her compensation during maternity leave has not yet been clarified.

The popular woman of the SRF lived with her husband in Moscow until the beginning of the war. She had to have the apartment vacated and has not yet been able to return.

“My husband has a Russian passport,” she explained recently. Russians who describe the war as such face severe penalties. Fearing a threat from the German-Russians, Tschirky gave up the shared apartment in Moscow.

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