Porsche will reveal the 911 for the rough at the LA Auto Show next week

Porsche 911 Dakar on display

Now comes 911 for the rough stuff

The idea of ​​combining a Porsche 911 and an SUV is not new. But surprisingly, Porsche is now reviving the 1984 Dakar Rally 911 with the current generation 992.


The idea of ​​an off-road Porsche 911 is not new.


Raoul SchwinnAuto & Mobility editor

Today, Blick shows what Porsche will officially unveil next week at the Los Angeles Auto Show: the new 911. This time, one on stilts. The new 911 Dakar is nothing but the rebirth of the 911 built for the legendary Dakar Rally in 1984 with the internal designation 953 – i.e. a rustically modified version of the Porsche 911 G model of the time in the typical blue and white Rothmans paintwork. The biggest difference at the time was not the increase in power to around 300 hp, but the tall body with a significantly modified chassis and all-wheel drive, which was later serially fitted to the Porsche 959.

In recent years, photos of camouflaged prototypes of the current 911 series with a significant increase in ground clearance and rough off-road tires have repeatedly appeared. Next week on Thursday, the camo dresses are dropping at the Los Angeles Auto Show – a favorite fair of people in Zuffenhausen. And the new Porsche 911 Dakar is officially presented. The sports car world can then decide whether this blend of Porsche 911 and off-road is more relevant than ever, or simply unnecessary. We reckon the 911 Dakar could be a hit – if only because it’s probably the most unusual Porsche you can buy from 2023.

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