Pop singer Nadine Jost lost a lot of blood at birth

Anxious hours for Nadine and Lukas Jost

The pop singer had a dramatic birth

Noelina is the culmination of a great love. But until she arrived, the pop singer and the doctor endured anxious days and hours.


Singer Nadine Eichenberger, doctor Lukas Jost and their daughter Noelina.


Flavia SchlittlerDeputy head of the people department

Happiness in love with a desired child. That’s not the name of the new hit by Nadine Eichenberger (31), it rather describes her life. On October 17, however, things took a dramatic turn. Complications arose with the birth of a daughter. “The labor had to be started, so it took several days,” says Eichenberger, who now bears the surname of her husband, doctor Lukáš Jost (33). “Unfortunately, after more than twelve hours of labour, a caesarean section had to be performed as Noelina was wedged in the pelvis.

During the birth, “I lost a lot of blood, I had to be stabilized,” she continues, but does not want to go into details. First, she had to recover from physical exertion and emotional distress, which is why she is only talking about it now.

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