Pale blue: rechargeable AA and AAA batteries with USB-C connector

Rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones – it makes financial sense and saves resources. Pale Blue is a manufacturer that bets on batteries into which you plug the charging cable directly. New and USB-C.

Pale Blue now offers its rechargeable AA and AAA batteries with a USB-C connection. You can thus charge small power supplies with one of the many USB-C cables that you may already have at home.


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Pale blue AA USB-C battery 4 pcs

Pale blue AAA USB-C battery 4 pcs


Pale blue AAA USB-C battery 4 pcs

I tested rechargeable batteries based on lithium-ion technology in March 2022 and described my experience with them here:

  • Assessment

    The battery of the future? Pale Blue lithium-ion batteries can do this

    out Martin Jungfer

It has been criticized in the comments that the micro-USB connection for the charging cable is definitely out of date. For me, the usefulness of a product is not determined by whether it has a USB-C or micro-USB connection. But yes, USB-C has its advantages and has been legally defined as a standard by the European Union. Fewer different charging cables should save resources.

You can also save time with pale blue batteries. Here is a list of the main benefits:

  • The store is quite fast with an hour from empty to full. Classic batteries need eight hours or more.
  • Pale Blue batteries are lighter than comparable batteries, for example with NiMh technology.
  • Instead of a bulky charger, you charge the batteries with a thin cable directly at the socket.

However, pale blue batteries are not the best solution for all applications. Compared to non-rechargeable batteries, they have a lower capacity and therefore deliver high voltage for a shorter period of time. Therefore, it is better to equip devices where this is important with other batteries.

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