Corona, flu and colds are raging – Switzerland is running out of medicine

It’s the season again: colds and flus are just around the corner (picture of the symbol).Image: Shutterstock Switzerland is full of viruses, people are coughing and sneezing everywhere. The symptoms of flu and Covid-19 can hardly be distinguished. An infectious disease specialist explains when testing still makes sense and which symptoms of Covid are no … Read more

World AIDS Day 2022 – Aids Hilfe Wien and Wiener Linien say: “End discrimination against HIV positive people”

From November 24 to December 8, 2022, all trams in Vienna will run with flags bearing the Aids Hilfe Wien logo with the “Red Ribbon”. Vienna (OTS) – Aids Hilfe Wien, together with Wiener Linien, is campaigning against the stigmatization and discrimination of HIV-positive people. It is important to know: Thanks to medical progress and … Read more

Black Friday Week: Unsere Server sind ready to rumble

Black Friday not only raises the pulse of shopping fans, but also provides excitement for the software engineering teams at Digitec Galaxus. The goal is clear: the store must handle the massive onslaught. Preparations for this will begin in the summer. Before I joined Digitec Galaxus this fall as a software engineer, I was always … Read more