Salicylic Acid Scrub: BHA serum for radiant skin

What is a BHA serum? BHA stands for “Beta-Hydroxy-Acid” and is also known as “Salicylic Acid”. Who now thinks: “Oh, the horror, acid!”, need not worry, because salicylic acid is not caustic, but much more soothing and anti-inflammatory. BHA is used in cosmetics as a chemical peel and is used in professional cosmetics as well … Read more

Why you shouldn’t buy anything on Black Friday 2022

Comment On Black Friday, stores are offering discounts like there’s no tomorrow. But favorable days also have a dark side – we will show them in five points. 14/11/2022, 05:2814/11/2022, 06:07 When you walk down Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse on November 25, 2022, you might barely notice it. Still, the resistance to Black Friday, which is gaining … Read more

Hilary Duff opposed publication of Aaron Carter’s biography

publishedNovember 13, 2022, 4:42 p.m Because of the gender reveal?: Hilary Duff opposed publication of Aaron Carter’s biography Among other things, Aaron Carter’s biography is about how he and Hilary Duff deflowered each other in a hotel. The musician calls the publication “disgusting”. 1 / 7 Hilary Duff Is Upset Over Aaron Carter’s Biography Release … Read more

An entire village in Spain is for sale

There are also apartments, a swimming pool, a school and barracks Salto de Castro is looking for a buyer It has been abandoned for decades and offers emigrants the maximum potential for self-realization. Yet the Spanish village of Salto de Castro just can’t find anyone who wants it. Not even at a bargain price. 1/7 … Read more